Singing Liars
I came across an excellent article recently that was written by Paul Sain, and I'd like to share the essence of it with you today. I've made some formatting changes and more fully elaborated upon his points. Let me exhort you to seriously contemplate the words below.

Singing is a grand and encouraging privilege of the child of God. The first century church sang (cf. Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16). Paul and Silas sang even when in prison (cf. Acts 16:25). The New Testament does not authorize choirs, quartets, praise team leaders, etc. for worship. The Bible instructs us to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs--offering praise unto our Father.

A word of caution, though, is in order. It is so easy to sing a lie. We must be careful what we sing, and always speak the truth. Please allow me to illustrate this matter by considering the titles of some songs we often sing:

There is certainly nothing wrong with the above songs. We should sing them, but only if we mean them! It is just as wrong to sing a lie as it is to speak it! The solution is not found in refraining to sing these songs, but in fashioning our lives appropriately.

There are other excellent songs, however, that are true and will always be true whenever we sing them. For example:

There are plenty of other examples we could cite, but you get the idea. Dear friends, may we never minimize the benefit and value of singing. Do not neglect the privilege and honor of blending your voice with the family of God and praising our Father in Heaven. But, please make sure you are speaking the truth! Listen to the message of the song, make certain it reflects your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. If we will become the person God wants us to be, we will always sing the truth!