Still Young Enough to Serve
In our prior lesson, we briefly considered Pharaoh's question to Jacob - "How old are you?" (Gen. 47:8) and were reminded of the brevity of life and the fact that we are pilgrims on this Earth.

Another lesson pertaining to aging that I'd like us to give attention to is this: You are never too old to render a service to God and man.

It is tragic for the advanced in years to assume that the only thing left for them to do is die. There are some who, through fear, die one thousand deaths before death actually comes. As Shakespeare once wrote: "Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once."

It is encouraging to note that elderly people have contributed to some of the world's most marvelous accomplishments. For example:

These and countless others have found usefulness in old age. Why should an elderly person today be any different? It all starts with attitude (namely, an unwillingness to quit or to merely "coast" through one's remaining years). Let it be remembered that if you're still alive, regardless of your age, God has a purpose for you in this realm. Although there is nothing wrong in retiring from secular work, one should never stop serving God to the best of his or her ability. You are still young enough to serve!

It's been said that age is a quality of mind reflected by one's dreams, hopes, and ambitions. If these qualities have died, man is old in spite of his few years. On the other hand, if man's dreams, hopes, and ambitions are alive, he is young even though the many years have crowned his head with whiteness, plowed deep furrows in his face, and rendered his steps tottery. Indeed, age is a quality of mind.

An unknown poet wrote: "If you have left your dreams behind, if hope is cold, if you no longer look ahead, if your ambition's fires are dead, then you are old."

Dear listeners, most of us, regardless of age, have already wasted too many years. Therefore, we need to redeem the time we have presently (Eph. 5:16). Age can be fruitful, beautiful, and blessed--if you desire it to be and are willing to continue laboring to whatever extent you are able.

"For what is age but youth's full bloom, A riper, more transcendent youth? A weight of gold is never old."