The Blessings of Generosity
I read an interesting article recently about a study that was done concerning money and happiness. The results were reported in the March 21, 2008 issue of Science magazine. The focus was not upon how income affected happiness. It has been shown in the past that after basic needs are met, income level has a weak affect on one's amount of happiness. For example, there is no evidence that a multi-millionaire will necessarily have more happiness than someone who is only able to pay for the essentials of life. As income soars, happiness levels remain relatively unchanged.

But, what about a link between giving to others and increased levels of happiness? That was the focus of the study I read about. Essentially, the study concluded that spending on others brings greater satisfaction than purchasing items for oneself. Ironically, however, most participants in the study seemed to be unaware of this hidden key to happiness. Most fail to realize that giving to others will bring them more joy personally than spending money on themselves. But, friends, Bible believers should not be surprised by this study. The Lord Jesus Christ taught nearly 2000 years ago - "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). The question is: do we believe it and live accordingly?

It is God's plan for man to give. Man has been designed so that giving to others will bring him the greatest satisfaction. Parents know well the great pleasure that comes with providing gifts to their children. Spouses realize that even an inexpensive gift given out of love is not soon forgotten and brings happiness long after the moment it is given. As children of God, we must comprehend the importance of giving to others in the name of the Lord. We should want to give because God has given us so much! We should desire to bless others because God has blessed us so abundantly, both physically and spiritually. We should even be willing to sacrifice in giving to help others because that is the example God has set forth as the greatest giver of all. In a nutshell, Christians should live to give. We should not give in an attempt to earn a blessing just as we should not serve God with the thought of earning salvation. However, we should give and serve because it is the right thing to do and will lead to greater joy and blessings.

Dear friends, would you like to be more satisfied with life? Then try giving more! Please consider some Scriptures on this theme as we conclude: