Improving Attitudes in the Church
It is impossible to overestimate the importance of attitude. A proper, positive attitude will enable one to make the best of a difficult situation, but a poor, negative attitude will show its sourness even in the best of situations. Although many circumstances in life are often out of our control, attitude is one thing that we have complete power over. Below is a list of eight suggestions, with some related Scriptures to reflect upon, for improving our attitudes as Christians.

1. Since you are not perfect, tell yourself over and over that you would not fit into a "perfect" congregation if such existed.

2. Instead of being disheartened by worldly members of the church, thank God for the sincere, dedicated, spiritual Christians that you are blessed to know.

3. If you are old, treat the young with the consideration you desired as a young person. If you are young, treat adults with the respect you will want when you are mature.

4. When you are tempted to criticize others or retaliate over a wrong you have suffered, be sure to pray earnestly for them first. This may not change them, but it will do wonders for your attitude.

5. When you see a work neglected, instead of complaining, offer to help.

6. Never blame others for your own failures; take responsibility.

7. Work to grow closer to each Christian in the local congregation, and try to serve each one.

8. When problems arise in the local congregation, ask yourself: "Am I part of the problem, part of the solution, or merely a critical spectator?"

If we concentrate daily on improving and maintaining proper attitudes, we will have the greatest influence for good in both the church and the world.