Doing an A+ Job
What kind of grades did you earn in the classroom? Did you just pass with a lot of C's? Or, were you an honor student earning mostly A's and B's? I was fortunate enough to always be in the latter group. As I've shared before, the class I loved was mathematics. I tried to be perfect in math class. It never happened, but that didn't stop me from trying to earn an A+ on every assignment, quiz, or test. I didn't just want an A, I wanted the A+ (or 100%). I always put forth my absolute best effort in math class, and friends, this is the sort of effort that God requires of His faithful children in everyday life. He wants us to do an A+ job for Him in all the things we say and do (regardless of where we're at or who is watching)!

And, while we're talking about mathematics, let me introduce three "A+ equations" that are powerful and worth pondering. Special thanks goes to my friend and fellow gospel preacher, Edd Sterchi, for these "A+ equations."

My Ability + My Attitude + My Aim = My Area of Service

Isn't that true? Everyone has various abilities, but they will be wasted if the individual doesn't determine to have a proper attitude. Additionally, without a proper focus (or aim) upon that which is spiritual, attitude and ability will fail you. All three of these elements are needed, and they will define one's area of service in God's kingdom.

My Aspiration + My Actions + My Abiding = My Achievement in Service

This equation is also true. We must aspire in our minds to serve God and then actually follow through with our actions. However, desire and implementation are not enough. We must abide or continue to aspire and act for the Lord and His church. All three of these elements are needed, and they will determine our level of achievement in service in God's kingdom.

My Analysis + My Authenticity + My Acquiring = My Advancement for Future Service

This equation is more complex, but it too is correct. To truly reach our fullest potential as Christians, we must analyze where we are spiritually, evaluating our strengths and weaknesses, and then ascertain where we'd like to be in the future. If we carefully reflect upon our desire and potential, and are sincere (i.e., authentic) about doing our best for the Lord, we will then work diligently--doing whatever is necessary--to acquire new skills and talents. All three of these elements are needed, and they will dictate our level of advancement for future service in God's kingdom.

As we begin a new year, think on these things, and let us endeavor to achieve an A+ in all that we do! "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not men" (Col. 3:23).