Personal Evangelism: Excuses
In our prior two lessons, we've established the need for personal evangelism and the fact that it is a God-given obligation for each Christian to teach the gospel to others. However, in spite of the need and obligation, Christians will still make excuses. They might think they're giving reasons as to why they can't teach the gospel to the lost, but really their reasons are nothing more than lame excuses--at least as far as the Lord is concerned.

Let's consider some common excuses that Christians give for not doing personal evangelism:

There are many other excuses people give, but that's all they are--excuses. If you really desire to do something, you will put forth the effort and make the necessary sacrifices. If your heart is really in it, you'll give it your best effort. God isn't going to put up with excuses on Judgment Day. Our excuses aren't going to help the lost find the truth. Our excuses aren't going to help the lost get to heaven. Our excuses aren't going to help us get to heaven either! Let's be blunt: Christians are commanded to take the gospel to the lost, and if you are a Christian and not evangelizing to the best of your ability then you are disobeying God! In other words, you are sinning. Friends, I'm preaching to myself as I preach to you! Let us give God our best efforts at saving the lost, not our best excuses! It won't be easy, we may have to get out of our "comfort zone," and we may have to leave some trivial things undone, but genuine love for the Lord and mankind demands nothing less. There is a big world out there in need of God's truth. Are you going to make a difference? Are you going to give God your best effort at personal evangelism?