Are You Too Busy? (Part 2)
In our prior lesson we noted that the problem of being "busy here and there" (I Kings 20:40) often leads to neglect or outright disobedience to spiritual duties imposed by God. Today let's focus our attention on the question:

Are you so "busy here and there" that you are neglecting important opportunities?
This can happen to anyone. Take teenagers, for example. In school they may become so involved in activities that they have no time to study. Social activities keep them busy. Athletics keep them busy. Part-time jobs keep them busy. Friends keep them busy, etc. None of these things are wrong, but all together they may take up so much time that one of the most important parts of one's youth is neglected (i.e., getting a good education).

Why do some teenagers allow themselves to get so busy that they have no time to study? Perhaps they have very little interest in studying or don't see it as very important. They spend time doing all the things they want to do; all the things that are fun (or the things that will lead to fun; e.g., working to have money for a car!). Many teenagers live by the "please yourself" philosophy; that is, do whatever makes them happy, and schoolwork doesn't fit into that philosophy for many.

Well Stephen, what does this have to do with Christianity? Quite a bit really. This "pleasing self" philosophy keeps many Christians from serving God as they should. Tragically, some Christians are more fascinated by the world than they are trying to find ways to serve God faithfully. They don't place a high value on Christianity because to them it is not near as much "fun" as the things of this world. Don't misunderstand--I don't mean that these Christians are out there living immoral, unrighteous lifestyles. What I mean is that they give almost all their time and energy to the things of this life and very, very little of it to God. Their recreation and leisure time come before God; their hobbies come before God; their jobs come before God; even their families come before God. Friends, it's not wrong to have hobbies, leisure time, or recreation; it is not wrong to put a lot of hours in on a job or with one's family. But, it is wrong when the combination of all these things essentially squeezes God out of our lives or at least pushes Him into such a small corner that His impact on our lives is so very minimal. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 6:33? We are to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness!

It's up to you to make the application here. I'm not going to tell you how much time you should spend doing certain things, but be honest with yourself: Are you missing valuable opportunities to serve God because you are too busy with unimportant things of this life? Do you regularly find yourself going through an entire day without having time to study your Bible and pray? If so, then you're too busy! Why not change some priorities and simplify your life?

We'll have more to say on this theme in our next lesson.