Are You a Christian Butterfly?
Today's lesson comes from the pen of Edd Sterchi, a faithful gospel preacher and friend. I've copied his excellent thoughts below with some minor editing.

In Romans 12:2 we read that Christians are not to be conformed to the world, but to be "transformed" by the renewing of their minds. The word "transformed" in this passage carries the idea of changing into another form. We get our English word metamorphosis from a very similar Greek word used here. Thinking of the concept of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly through the metamorphic process, consider the following three points about how we are to be after we obey the gospel and accept Christ into our lives:

It is extremely easy to tell when the metamorphic process has taken place. What once was little more than a worm is now a butterfly! A change has taken place, and it is noticeable to all. Our Christianity should be obvious and evident to all, as well. There should be no doubt in people's minds just who and what we are. Can people look at you and instantly tell that you are a Christian by the way you live and treat others? People should know us by our love (cf. John 13:35). They should see us as a "new creation" where our old sinful ways have passed away (II Cor. 5:17; 6:17). They should see us walking just as Jesus walked (cf. I John 2:6).

There is no doubt that to change from a lowly, crawling, plain worm to a colorful, fluttering, gorgeous butterfly is nothing short of amazing. Butterflies are so beautiful that people have collections of them. I know of no one who has a caterpillar collection, however. Our Christianity should glorify the Lord in all that we do and bring color and beauty to the lives of others. Christian, do you flit about doing good in the name of the Lord? Our conduct will be deemed beautiful if we glorify God and wisely accomplish good for our fellowman (cf. Rom. 10:15; James 3:13). "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven" (Matt. 5:16).

Have you ever noticed that a butterfly is entirely a butterfly and does not retain any caterpillar qualities nor does it ever go back to being a caterpillar? A total and lasting change takes place. We should also show signs in our Christian lives that a complete and permanent alteration has taken place in us. We think differently, we talk differently, we act differently--because we have been changed. We don't go back to our "worm" ways. Do you live differently than you did before you were set free through Christ? Consider these verses on that point:

As Jesus was transfigured on the mount in appearance (cf. Matt. 17), we must be transformed in our lives. When we are baptized into Him, we go through a change, transformation, or metamorphosis, if you will (cf. Rom. 6:4; II Cor. 3:18). After looking at all of this, two questions remain: Are you a Christian butterfly? Do you have the attributes discussed above in your life?