Live Now
A fussy traveler was having trouble placing her belongings in the railroad coach. She put bundles first on the seat, then on the floor. She opened and closed windows, adjusted shades and fidgeted like a nervous hen. When her husband finally protested, she said, "I want to get everything fixed just right so I can enjoy the scenery in comfort." He shook his head and said, "Honey, we're not going very far, and by the time you get everything fixed the way you want it, the scenery will all be over."

Friends, I think there is an important lesson to glean from this illustration. Many people go through life trying to get everything fixed "just right" so they can enjoy "the scenery in comfort." The sad reality is that life passes many folks by while they are fumbling around. Pity the person who is too busy getting ready for his earthly future and never sees the beauty and wonder of today. Psalm 118:24 teaches us - "This is the day the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." Is that your approach to each day? Do you rejoice in whatever the day brings or do you obsess over matters that really aren't important in the big picture? Do you allow the minutia of your life and a focus upon tomorrow to ruin the joy each day should bring?

A senior citizen wrote down some powerful words along this same theme. Consider:

First, I was dying to reach my teens.
And then, I was dying to get my license to drive.
Then, I was dying to finish high school and start college.
Then, I was dying to finish college and start working.
Then, I was dying to marry and have children.
Then, I was dying for my children to grow up and move out on their own.
Then, I was dying to retire.
Now I am dying...and suddenly I realized...I forgot to live.

There is nothing wrong with planning for the future, though we are forbidden from worrying about it (cf. Matt. 6:34). But, if our focus is always on tomorrow or next year or the next stage in life, we'll likely miss out on the beauty God has placed in today! Think about it and live now--for the Lord, rejoicing in His will and walking in the good works He has prepared for us today (cf. Eph. 2:10). It's good to long for heaven, but while we are in the flesh, let us focus on today (cf. Phil. 1:21-26).